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Rock n' Roll Roadie to the Stars
Photojournalist for Splash News / Corbis Images

The most Famous Hand Tattoo,
The most Famous GOP Republican Tattoo and
the Most Viewed Tattoo on the Internet!

Let's take a moment and
reflect on our troops overseas
and their families here who are
separated. I hope giving the
circumstances that you can still

be happy. If you have relatives
or friends in Afghanistan or Overseas in the Military,
Tell them I said Hi
and THANK YOU!!! I got a lot of

emails and well wishes from our
troops both in Afghanistan and here in the US. Thanks for providing for my
safety and our Countries Freedom!!!


Victor the SnakeMannn


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Make America Great Again!!!
#MakeAmericaGreatAgain #Trump2016

Victor seen  on NBC's
Tonight Show with Jay Leno

Victor seen on ABC's
Jimmy Kimmel Live

Victor carries the Torch
for the Salt Lake City
Winter Olympics

How I became
Victor the SnakeMannn
A Comprehensive Photographic
History of Victor's Life
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The Adventures of Victor and
Sofie the Wonderdog
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Hollywood Key Club

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Victor Hosts GAZZARRI's
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Victor the SnakeMannn's

SnakeMannn's Concert Photography

Victor sings at the Baked Potato

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Happy Anniversaries Victor,
January 11th, 2016 I have 32 Years Drug and Alcohol Free!!!
January 12th, 2016 I have 17 years NO SMOKING!!!

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I can always be found at the Rainbow in Hollywood!!!

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