MoreAdventures of
Victor and his dog Sofie!

Where will we turn up next?
You want to know because you are here.

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Here we are at the
start in Victor Idaho.
Nice quiet little town
up in the mountains.

This is the next
morning in Jackson
Hole Wyoming.

There are a lot
of Antlers here

Clint Eastwood
filmed a movie here
and kicked some ass!
Right turn Clyde!

Here we are on the
highway next to the
Grand Teton Mountains.
Such an awesome day!

Here's another Grand
Teton sign in the park.

Here is our first
time in Yellowstone
National Park.

We picked up a German
Hitchiker who was
back packing around
the World
His name was Hartmut

Now if this isn't

Wow, this is so kewl,
my own River!

Such a beautiful day.

We both saw Old
Faithful blow her top

Old Faithful even has
her own Post Office.

Everytime we stopped
someplace to take
pictures, Sofie was
so happy. She got to
get out of the car.

Here's where we
stayed. West Yellowstone
Montana.  Only 6 more
States and I will have
been in all 50!

This is one big bear.
Took all I could do
to get her to sit here.
She was sore afraid.

1vicnsofie05-01.jpg (10048 bytes)

1newsofie04.jpg (14232 bytes)

1sofie001.jpg (6431 bytes)

Wow! Whattya know?
Here we are in
Hollywood California
at Jimi Hendrix's Star
on Hollywood Blvd.

Here we are in
Ocean Beach California

Here we are in
Long Beach California

Here she is in
West Hollywood 2006

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