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This is Alice Cooper with my snake in front of the Guitar Center on Sunset Blvd in Hollywood. He was inducted into the Guitar Center "Walk of Fame".

This is Alice and myself together the same day. A copy of this hangs in the Rainbow Bar and Grill in West Hollywood California. Also on the Sunset Strip. Tell Jeff and Steady at the Door that I sent you!!!

This is Guitarist Ernie C from Body Count, Actor David Keith from movies like Officer and a Gentleman, and myself at a club I worked at in Hollywood called Spice in '92.

This is Actor/Rapper/Singer Ice T also from Body Count. We were hangin out after a Seminar he and Queen Latifa delivered at SDSU. We then went to my house to watch him on New York Undercover on Fox. Feb.'95.

This is Edgar Winter and myself Backstage at Spice in Hollywood. I was working and we had an All Star Jam Session where he played in '92. Immediatly behind him is actor Gary Busey.

This is Guitarist Randy Hanson whom I was working for, and his friend Micheal Anthony from some band called Van Halen. We were at the NAMM Show in Anaheim Ca. at the Jim Dunlop Booth in '93.

This is Actor Keifer Sutherland. He is Donald Sutherland's son. We were at the Rainbow Bar and Grill in West Hollywood hangin' out after we went to the Premier of his movie "The Vanishing" in '92.

This is Guitarist Peter Frampton and myself Backstage after he opened for Jefferson Starship in '93. A moment of silence please. Do you feel like I do?

This is Brian Setzer from the Stray Cats. We were at the San Diego Street Scene '94 where he was playing and I was working. His Big Band really Rocks.

This is Actor Keanu Reeves and myself Backstage before his band played in San Diego in Feb. '95.
To see pics from this show, go to SnakeMannn Concert photography.

This is "Bill" (Actor Alex Winter) and "Ted" (Actor Keanu Reeves) and myself during the filming of Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey in '91. I had a wee small part in it as a Roadie/Stage Hand. Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure is my Favorite Movie of all time!!!!!

This is "Wayne Campbell" (Actor Mike Myers), "Garth Algar" (Actor Dana Carvey) and myself while filming "Wayne's World" in Hollywood in '91. This is my Second Favorite Movie of all time!!!!

These are radio DeeJays Mark and Brian from KLOS 95.5FM in Los Angeles. We were at my Stage at the San Diego Street Scene in '94. They let me sing on their show one day. They are the Kewlest DJ's on the AIR!!!!!!

This is Wolf Man Jack and myself at The Buffalo Chip CampGrounds Stage in Sturgis South Dakota in 1990. I was one of the Stage Managers for The Easy Riders Anniversary Concert.
To see pics from this show, go to SnakeMannn Concert photography.

This is Claus Miene from the Scorpions and myself at the Rainbow Bar and Grill in West Hollywood, in '93. We finished a concert and went out after.

This is Award Winning Actress Angela Lansbury and myself
while filming her show "Murder She Wrote..." in '92.

They tucked my hair up under a hat and made me a New York Police Officer. (YEECH!!!!)

This is Joe Leste' from Bang Tango and myself in '91. We were at Bang Tango's Video Shoot  for 20th Century Boy out at the Big Sky Movie Ranch.
To see pics from this show, go to SnakeMannn Concert photography.

This is Pauly Shore and myself after working for Sam Kinnison in Hollywood in '91.

This is Ron Young from Little Ceasar and myself at Sturgis South Dakota in '90. Ron now works at the Key Club in West Hollywood, but he tells me that a Little Ceasar Reunion is in the works.

This is Seth Green and myself from a TV show  called Good & Evil we did in '91. Who knew he would be Dr. Evil's Son in Austin Powers?


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