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Just who is this Dude Victor the SnakeMannn?

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I know you want to know, or you wouldn't be here. Yes, I am a Dude and not a Sir. Paul McCarney is a Sir, I am just a dude!

Hi, I am Victor the SnakeMannn, I am 49, I am Single and  I currently am living in Las Vegas Nevada but should be in Hollyweird California where I belong. I occasionally travel the States. I am a Semi-Conservative Tea Party Republican. The only reason I say Semi, is that I like to look the way I look. I believe it is a freedom that I have under the Constitution of the United States. I believe in Free Speech. Other than that, I am Pretty Conservative.

January 11th 2015 I will be 31 years Drug and Alcohol Free and Jan 12th 2015 I will have 16 years of No Smoking!

People have asked me to go into more detail on my beliefs on why I say I am Conservative. I am not going to apologize for who I am or for what I believe in. I don't care if people like me or dislike me because of what I believe in. I have pissed off enough people and lost alot of friends because of who I am and what I believe in. So screw it. If you like me you like me, if you don't you don't. If you don't, I don't need to hear about it. (Even though alot of the demoncrats will tell me how wrong they think I am).

I believe in the Freedoms in America granted by the US Constitution and God! Every day I despise Politicians more and more. Politicians from all parties! It seems they all say what the people they are talking to want to hear then when talking to others they say the exact opposite.

If I were to run for President, people would want to know my Platform on a few issues. These are some of my thoughts and ideas.

My thoughts on Gas and Oil
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(I wrote most of this between 1995 and 2010. I believe most of this as I did my research, but have changed my mind on a lot as I believe a business should make profits to pay their shareholders, but not to gauge us when they can for said profits. I also believe that our government not allowing drilling and taxing the crap out of us and helping to limit supply is also to blame for higher prices!)

According to a Government Accountability Office report, there is a direct link between oil company mergers and higher gas prices. The high gas prices have not curtailed Americans' driving. Nor have they spurred U.S. oil companies to expand production or invest in sustainable energy solutions that would create jobs and help drivers save -- they've merely induced Big Oil to buy back stock. The five largest oil companies reported almost $120 billion in profits 2007 alone but invested only $1.2 billion in renewable energy sources from 2000 to 2005, according to the American Petroleum Institute. Let me say this again, that's $120,000,000,000, $120 BILLION in PROFITS in 2007 alone!!!!

Ok, the Gas companies are ripping us off plain and simple. By not making any new refineries and by purposefully shutting them down for so called "Repairs" or whatever reason they limit the making of Gas, they are free to make us pay any price they want. They see that the people of America have no choice and still drive the same amount no matter the prices they make us pay, so yes, they keep raising the prices. They are not losing any money. The only people who lose is US!!! My Fellow Americans!!! HELLO!!! WAKE the F UP!!!

The only way we are going to get them to lower prices is if we massively mail our members of Congress and the Senate and the President. (Yeah that won't work with this president).   And if we try to drive less. Try getting a job closer to where you live, or getting a place to live closer to where you work. Take Public Transportation or ride a bike one day a week, walk when you go shopping, go for a walk instead of a drive, stay at home and Shop Online etc.... There are so many ways so many people could make a difference. People need to search out the cheapest gas stations and support them, not go to Mobil, Shell, Exxon, Chevron, BP or 76. These are the big oil barron companies who deliberately control gas prices by making gas unavailable to us. THERE ARE NO SHORTAGES!!! Shortages are manufactured so they can control gas prices and we do not have a choice and we continue to pay what they say we have to!

Now as for this "Don't buy gas on such and such a date etc..." That was just majorly stupid and the only ones who were affected by it were the gas station owners. What? How did they suffer you ask? Well they do not make their money off of selling gas. They make from 4 to 9 cents per gallon profit. "Well that sounds like profit to me Mr. SnakeMannn!" Yeah that doesn't even cover payroll or electricity or other bills they might incur. They make their profits, if any on the sales of sodas and snacks etc... So if no one goes in they do not make any money at all. The Gas companies are hurting them as much if not more than us. They have no say over what they sell gas for. They have to pay the delivery truck whatever he tells them they must pay for their deliveries.

So to not buy gas for a day, but have to buy it the day before or the day after is so stupid because you still bought the same amount of gas America!!! If I or anyone else came into your house and stole your money you would be outraged!!! Where is the OUTRAGE against the Gas companies stealing not only from you at the pump, but making everyone else you buy things from, raise their prices on everything else as well?

Like I said, We Americans need to be MAD and OUTRAGED!!! We need to be the "We the People" of the Constitution and have a Boston Tea Party that will Change things!!! We have to have an "AMERICAN GAS PARTY!!! America, STOP being Apathetic and Apologetic and thinking it's someone else's problem!!! IT IS OUR PROBLEM!!! IT IS OUR COUNTRY!!! ONLY IF WE STAND UNITED WILL WE BE ABLE TO MAKE ANYTHING CHANGE FOR THE BETTER!!! If you keep thinking that there is nothing you can do, or it's not your problem because you don't buy gas etc... then you might as well pack your shit up and get the FUCK out of MY COUNTRY!!! Why don't you look at History and see the other Apathetic people who did not think they could do anything and so they joined the English. WOW!!! What happened there? Hmmmm, they LOST THE WAR!!! Why? BECAUSE PEOPLE WANTED TO LIVE FREE AND TO NOT BE UNDER THE THUMB OF A KING!!! Well there are new kings right now taking all our money and they are the Gas companies! THEY ARE ABOVE THE LAWS OF OUR LAND!!! No politician will touch them or raise a finger against them.  When was the last time you were watching TV and saw a Gas Commercial? Been a couple years huh? Hmmmm? They are saving money by not advertising because THEY DO NOT HAVE TOO!!! The know we do not have a choice because we pay whatever the pump says we have to pay. PERIOD!!!!

Pro Life
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Well for starters, I am Pro Life.  Now liberal abortionists say that it's the woman's body and the woman's choice. Well if I were to intentionally hit a Pregnant woman, (Which I would never do) and she were to have a Miscarraige, or I were to get into a car accident, and the same thing, I could be accused and found guilty of Manslaughter for the death of her baby! No questions asked, just GUILTY!! But if a woman chooses to kill her baby and allows someone else to go inside her and kill her baby, it is ok and no one get's charged because it's legal. Something is very wrong here. Now if a broad doesn't want to have a kid, she should either keep her legs shut or use protection, and if she get's pregnant, she should put it up for adoption, someone else would want the kid. Safe Sex should be practiced for STD's anyways. Now to think of all the aborted babies killed so far, who's to say what some of those would have accomplished? Some might have come up with cures to deseases, cures for world hunger, inventions to make things easier, as well as many other things. Some might have become Billionaires and created millions of jobs and paid alot more taxes.

Pro Death Penalty
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Next, on the other side of the coin, I am for the Death Penalty. If you maliciously kill with intent and according to the laws, I believe you should be put to death! I do feel sorry for those wrongly convicted and every attempt to correctly convict the right person for the crime should be attempted. I think that hideous murderers should be publicly executed. I think our Government and the States should offer these up for Pay Per View and help pay the costs of housing and courts of the one convicted and anything extra should be given to the victims. This would cut the costs to the taxpayers, and also the ones who got robbed of their loved ones would be compensated.

Now when these people are put to death, I think that the people who have paid to watch the execution should get to vote on how to execute them. The only people who could override these votes would be the family of the Victims. Now as for the ways, the Liberals would have you believe that suffering is intolerable. I am sorry, these people are being put to death for some of the most hideous crimes imaginable. They should be made to suffer! I am sure, if this were an option, alot of people would be less apt to want to commit some of these crimes knowing the results. Oh who am I kidding? Murderers will always be murderers.

The Right to Bear Arms
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I am also for the right to Arm Bears! Oops, I mean Bear Arms. I hunt. I believe in the hunting of animals for food and the byproducts which come from animals. It culls the herds and prevents the over populations. I am also for the right to carry weapons for self preservation and protection. If you come into my house or Property and intend to rob me or cause me or my family harm, I will kill you and just deal with it. Why just hurt you and then get sued by you because I used force when your intent was to hurt me?

A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.

Try taking my gun away!!!

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Now as I am talking about Taxes, I have several ideas here. I think all taxes should be abolished and a national 15% sales tax should be added to everything but food and medical expenses. This means for every dollar spent in America on anything other than food or medicine, should pay .15 cents. Doesn't matter who you are or how much you earn. If you spend a dollar, you pay .15 cents. So tourists, illegal aliens, people on Welfare, drug dealers, etc... EVERYONE who buys ANYTHING pays. This would be applied to houses, cars, property, and any consumer goods.

So what would we do with all of the people who work for the IRS? Well some would be there to collect from the States the US Governments percentage, others could be transferred to more critical needed positions within the Government i.e. I.C.E., Border Patrol, Homeland Security, and various other jobs where we need more people but don't have the money to pay for. So the US makes more money all around from everyone who spends anything, and we delete and reorganize jobs to areas where they are most needed in America. Now the Gas Tax should be abolished and the same .15 cents on the Dollar should be applied as well. This would lower Gas prices around the country, but more people would buy and pay for more gas and the US would end up making more money.

Any way you look at it, if you tax every dollar spent in America you have more revenue! There will be no more tax loopholes for the politicians to hide behind and they would now pay their fair share. We'd all have more money to spend on things we need and so we'd buy more and prices would come down and the world would be a better place. Now why won't demoncrats go for this, like I said above, they write theirselves tax loop holes for themselves and they put the burdon to pay for all their spending on Americans like you or me. Illegals do not pay but continue to take, welfare and food stamp recipients do not pay but continues to take, tourists do not pay etc... It would probably add $1 Trillion to the budget each year we do not have right now. We'd be able to pay for all the programs as well as pay down the national debt!

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The only thing I would tax more would be to Legalize Marijuana and tax it at 50%. Now I am not for the smoking of Marijuana, but people are going to do it and it should be regulated the same as Alcohol and made to be 21 years of age and older, and it should have the same laws applied to it as to alcohol. Marijuana is the BIGGEST Cash Crop Industry in America! And if it were legal and taxed,

1, It would create new business, i.e. locations to sell it, places to grow it, places to consume it, and the manufacturing of products associated with it etc...
2, It would create hundreds of thousands if not millions of new jobs, so more people would make money to spend to buy things to pay the .15 cents on the Dollar etc...
3, Farmers who are having hard times making money not being able to grow things on their farms, outside investors would rent their farms to grow Marijuana and we could abolish subsidies that we pay Farmers when they cannot grow anything. Thus cut costs the taxpayers currently pay for.
4, Police would have more time and resources to go and fight other crimes, have time to look for and solve murders, gang reduction etc... This would save money as people would not be arrested for possesion or incarcerated for many Marijuana related crimes. Now I believe it should still be a crime to sell it or grow illegally as it could not be taxed and this should still be prosecuted, i.e. Moonshiners. But the taxation and jobs created would bring new wealth to our country and our debts would be erased. Now as for cities, counties and states who do not want to legalize this, well they would have that right, and people who want to smoke or make new businesses would move to where it would be legal, and this would make crime and tax benefits go down in those communities and they that choose to not have it in their cities, counties or states would not benefit from the revenues that come along with it.
5. The byproducts which would come from marijuana would again create more jobs to manufacture, and sell a lot more thus creating businesses, jobs, and taxes when sold.
People are going to continue to smoke it and grow it because they choose to. It's the BIGGEST Cash Crop in the US and more money is wasted trying to stop it and that means less attention to murders and burglaries and other crimes they don't have money to fight.
It's just pure egotistical stupidty for us to spend the money we spend in the US fighting Marijuana when the amount of money and jobs so far out weigh anything to the contrary.

Gay Marrage
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Ok, well I know I am going to shock a few people here with this, so if you are not sitting, I'll wait.........

Ok, well I am for Gay Marrage. OMG!!! WHAT???? Yep, the way I look at it, there will be more women for me, and why shouldn't they be allowed to be as miserable as the rest of us? Ok, yes, that's the joke part. Seriously. If the United States of America banned Blacks from Marrying, or Jews, or Blacks and Whites or any other race together, the country would be in an uproar. But there is a law against Gay people in Same Sex relationships. Ok, yes, according to God and the Bible, any sex out of wedlock is a sin. Yes I believe in the Bible, but I as anyone am a sinner and I have sinned in my own life. I know what you are saying, Me? Yep! So with that, let's examine why I say it should not be illegal.

1, There are people in the USA that do NOT believe in the Bible. Should they not be allowed to be married?
2, Should Satanists NOT be allowed to be married? Witches? Warlocks? Muslims? Buddists? Atheists?
3, What if someone is Bisexual? Shouldn't the law be in infinal perplexion?
4, Gays not being allowed to be married, if they are in the wrong for being together, shouldn't there be a law against that? Again, what about Bisexuals, or people who have premarital sex? Tell me what is the difference? Sin is sin no matter how you look at the Bible.
5, By not allowing Gays to marry is costing people Jobs, there are people who cannot make a living. What? Yes, by not allowing Gays to be Married, there are no Lavish huge weddings, so no one buys flowers, or hires caterers, or rents buildings or planners etc... Alot of people are not getting the money which they would have to pay taxes on and feed their families and buy gas and keep America going etc... Ok, so let's check some numbers, these are only guesstimations, but you can follow and add it up. Let's say there are 100,000 possible Gay weddings per year, and on average for them all it's $20,000 each, that's $200,000,000 or $200 MILLION Dollars that is not spent or earned or taxed in the US per year.
6. Let's say they want to get divorced? How much revenue is again not made as there are lawyers out of work, (Yeah I am crying about that. LOL, Not really!) But yeah, alot of people make alot of money that they are again Taxed on and spend in the economy. This does not happen for the same reasons.

So yeah, I am for Gay marrages for these reasons. It costs America money to not have them.

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Sex is legal in the US, whether it is in Marrage or out. Selling stuff in America is Legal. But selling sex is not. How stupid is this? So it's better to have all these laws and clog up the courts and keep Police officers busy setting up stupid money costing stings to catch people who are allowed to have sex with each other at a bar, but if the mention of money is present it's arrestable? HELLO??? People are going to do it regardless. So why not keep cops busy on stupid crimes and let the drug lord gangmembers continue to kill people and each other?

So my idea is this, Whore houses work. They check the prostitutes regularly for diseases, they make alot of money which could be taxed, and no one gets hurt. It's regulated and would help against the spread of STDs. The prostitutes would pay taxes and earn an "Honest Living". The Brothels would regulate it and make sure there are no drugs or STDs. And Streetwalking Prostitution would be so much more illegal as would be picking up street walkers as this would be considered "Unregulated", "Unsafe", "Untaxed", and major announcements on TV would show how much worse this is. The laws for continuing in the illegal practices would be alot higher and way worse for both parties if they did this. So with that said, most people would go to legal brothes, you would know what you get for what price, both parties are protected and no one gets hurt. Cities and counties that do not want it or the revenue from a legal Brothel, could make it like a dry county same as alcohol, but they would not benefit from the proceeds of the counties or states that do participate!
Cops would have more time to fight real crimes and not spend so much in tax payer dollars on extensive stake outs and major stings. And again, the country spends less money against it and makes more money for it and thus lowers other taxes.

My America

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So what would America be like if I were in charge? Well, I would create alot of jobs. There are alot of jobs out there that don't exist but need to be done. There are alot of people who need to work. I have a lot of ideas on this. I think there is money to be made and money that is spent that should not be that could make America more efficiant. I am not a politician so I don't have alot of lip service. I don't have any special intrests writing me any checks whatsoever. (I wish!!!) I have so many ideas!!! Someone nominate me for Vice President!!! So with all that said, (Yes there will be more to come as I think of it) 

ACLU, Liberals and the dumbing down of America
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As for the ACLU, it's supposed to be something that serves Americans. But lately I see stories where they have helped imprison Agents of Law Enforcement that have killed Illegal Immigrants while attempting to enter America Illegally. They stand up for Murderers and Rapists and other Criminals and not the Victims. I am sorry, if someone is falsely accused of something and is actually innocent, then they should do everything in their power to get them off. But they demonize people who are the Actual Victims of crime and glorify the Criminals. This is just WRONG!!!! I did my crimes and I went to prison and served my time. I only deserved the bare minimum of rights while in prison and that's all that was alloted to me. But these liberals want to make it so the Criminals have more rights than the Victims. That's just wrong. It amazes me when I am watching the News and I see some 20 something female lawyer fresh out of Law School on TV defending a KNOWN and CONVICTED Rapist or Murderer. I bet it it were her that the crimes happened to or someone she knows or in her own family, she would not be defending these people.


More about Victor the SnakeMannn

November 1995
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Now as a Long Haired, former Drug addict, Tattooed, Rock-n-Roll listening, Harley-Davidson driving person, I am not the Stereo-typical Republican "Type", but I am True Red-White-and Blue 100% Red-Blooded American Republican. I support our Troops no matter where they are deployed! They are serving our Country and no matter if the war is right or wrong in anyone's eyes, we should all support our men and women in Uniform!!! I want to Make and Spend my OWN money the way that I want to!!! I do not want to Take from, nor Give to my Government to give to others that do not want to work themselves. I want to Live where I want to, and do the things I like when I want to. (Legal things of course). I like to smoke Fine Cigars, go to Movies and Concerts, watch TV, eat and drink what I want to and Listen to the Radio stations and music or talk I want to listen to! All things that Demoncrats want to Regulate and/or Censor. All demoncrats want to do is raise taxes, fund bullshit projects and spend our money the way they want to. I am trying to make my own money and spend it the way I want to.

I like Rock-n-Roll, Politics, Harley-Davidsons, Hollywood, Clubs, Bands, Live Rock and Metal Bands, 60's, 70's, 80's Rock and Metal Bands, Traveling, Touring with Major Rock Bands, Photography, Reptiles, Computers, the Internet, Cigars, and the thought of one day becoming Famous. If you have a way of making me Famous, I will listen. If you like my site, you can nominate me for some Web Awards.

If you've browsed around my site, you might not like some of things you see, but you will have to admit, you won't find any SMUT, or anything bad about me, unless you disagree with me on my Politics. It seems being political one way or another makes some people love you or hate you. I do admit being a Republican has made me some Mortal Enimies in the Liberal Communistic Community.  My Photography and my Jewelry is my art, and my art is protected under the first amendment, so don't call any of my photography or Jewelry smut. But Politics or art should not be a reason to hate anybody. So there, I've vented and at least I feel better.

If you Surf around my site a little, you will see more about me and who I am, and what I like. I hope you enjoy your visit here, and would like to know what you think. Please send me email at . Thanks, and have a great day, (unless you've had too many in a row, then feel free to have whatever kind of day you want to.)

I do not want to Pay for people to not work, women to have Illegitimate Children, people to do Drugs, Wars and Welfare in other Countries, let alone people to come across the border every 1st of the month to pick up a check here. I hate paying my Hard Earned Money for these Liberal Band-aides that don't do nothing but make lazy dependent orphans of the State. I dislike Affirmative Action because the Constitution says that "All Men are Created Equally"! For you Feminazi's, Women are included in this. I feel that everyone should have the same chances as everyone else. It's Amer I Can not Amer I Can't! It's not fair that a black, or hispanic person who "Might" or "Might not" be as qualified as another can get a job due to his or her Race or Gender. That's Racial Bias!!! I cannot get "Special" treatment when applying for a job! I have Long Hair and wear Earrings, but cannot get special treatment when a woman applies for the same job. (But she can)! I was born in the USA and I love my country.

The Demoncrats talk about us Republicans "Taking the food out of the Mouths of Babes". Again, it's Republ I Can! Ha I say. They give so much to "The Arts"! They take so much from Me in Taxes! How can I feed my own Kids? (If I had any.) Oh! I just ask them? If they did not take so much in Taxes, maybe people would work and have more to spend on their kids! I don't want to be dependent, but Independent! I do not want to pay for stuff that I don't want to pay for. If they want to pay for it, then I say "LET THEM!!!" Bill Clinton is ruining this country and so are the Socialists and Communists he surrounds himself with!! He needs to be Impeached! He is a Liar and ot a good American!

I am sorry for the stuff that has happened in the past. We cannot change things by making a bigger gulf between the sexes and races. We cannot change things by making rules that separate and divide, that make others seem less fortunate, but more preferential. I am not trying to be, nor am I bitter, I just want everyone to have the same chance to make it in this world, without exception. I haven't had a Silver Spoon in my mouth. I don't have much more than the roof over my head now. I have bills. I have problems. I can relate. I have been homeless. I have been a drug addict. I have been alot of things. That is not an excuse! I have brought myself up from that, and will continue to CLIMB! I want to be everything that Bill Gates is. I want to Have. That is my Dream. THAT IS THE AMERICAN DREAM!!!!! Anyone can do it, you just have to want it bad enough! I want it BAD!!!!! You should too. Nothing that Osama or Obama,  or their followers can do can break our spirit!!! We are AMERICANS. No one can take that from us. Stand Tall, Be PROUD!!! And LET'S KICK SOME ASS!!!!!!!

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Now I'd like to vent a little. I am a Pretty easy going guy who likes a good joke, and has a warped sense of humor. Some people complain to me that they don't like me for one reason or another. I'm not a bad guy. I haven't had too many breaks in my life, what I've got I had to make for myself. The friends I have are my friends because they overlook my shortcomings, or just because they want something from me. I have what I call Mortal Enemies that just can't stand me for one reason or another. I guess I don't know when to keep my mouth shut sometimes, or I don't fit into their "Clique". Whatever the reason, they just can't bring themselves to like me, nor acknowledge me for what I am. Yes I can come off cocky sometimes, but that's just me. Some people just can't take a joke!!! I don't try to make people mad at me, it's just a personality conflict I guess. I don't try to be friends with everybody, but I am usually nice to most I meet. I am not any better than anyone else, I just try harder to be noticed and liked. I was deemed an "Attention Getter" Or "Approval Seeker" from a very young age. I do tasks and deeds that most don't want to. I volunteer my time to Politics, Benefits and Charities that involve musicians and music.

Yes, I admit, sometimes I am full of myself, but not to the belittlement of others around me. Some people just have a problem with forgiveness. No matter how Nice I try to be to them, or how many times I apologize for something stupid I've said or done in the past, they just can't get over it and get on with their lives. Some people are just pissed because they are pissed. I cannot do anything to change their minds.

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 9/11 Let's not forget.  
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 Support our troops.  
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So anyways, that's me in a nutshell. I will add to this when I think of more things I believe in or what could make our country a better place to live in.

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