I carried the Torch for the Salt Lake City
Winter Olympics on January 15th, 2002 in Hollywood California.

After I ran, the Party at Universal City Walk

Click on a pic to enlarge it

Here's the sign for the Torch Run Party at Universal City Walk.

Here I am at Universal Studios after the the Torch Run

These are all the Sponsors. Maybe one will hire me to be in their commercials.

This is Jordan giving me a kiss after I carried the Torch.

He's so cute. He's gonna be a guide dog. He's in Training.

Here are some pics by J. Singletary

He snapped these pics of me while others were posing with me for thier pics.

Last one.

Here Iam in front of the Caldron. Unlike what you here the news repeat every night, The flame is housed in a Lantern. They turn off the Caldrons each night. it is only lit for ceremony.

Alot of what you hear on the news is not correct. Sometimes I think they just talk to hear themselves talk.

Me and my Torch

Here's another Torch Bearer

Here I am with my mom.

This was the Coke Truck with the Map of the relay across America.

I am here.

Here I am with the Final Torch Bearer for the Evening, Arnold Schwarzeneggar.

This is Los Angeles Mayor Jim Hahn. He was really kewl.

Another Torch Bearer from earlier in the day.

Behind me is Arnold and Mayor Hahn on Stage.

With Rafer Johnson who passed the flame to Arnold. Pics of this soon.

Here I am with the lit caldron behind me. Looks like my Torch is lit.

This is the Corner of Hollywood and La Brea in Hollywood Ca.

This is a Flag in a window on Hollywood Blvd.

The Hollywood sign behind my shoulder

Just some pics of me and the Torch in Hollywood.

The Chinese Theatre in Hollywood where I will see Star Wars, Attack of the Clones.


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